A Simple Guide To Seven Knights

Seven Knights is a complete RPG loaded with heroes to get, a diverse collection of objectives, maps, dungeons and occasions. All this with a very careful anime style graphics as well as a fully commited group that brings us updates constantly.

seven knights hack is a game based upon a system of invocation of heroes and also a system of fight by turns.

Thanks to the weekly updates since the release of this title, we contend our disposal various characters with which to create our teams. A extremely strategic game at the time of battle, where you need to take into account all feasible combinations in both degree as well as skills along with the sorts of heroes stronger and more difficult to obtain.

In this experience you have couple of choices to obtain tired. Daily dungeons, regular occasions, field of battle (where you gauge your teams versus other players), clans as well as clan battles, holy tower as well as many more things to boost your heroes and also make a area in the rankings.

User interface Seven Knights

1- Keys: are used to participate in adventure and special dungeons.

2- Gold: utilized to potentiate, advance, combine, etc.

3 – Rubies: with them you can obtain both heroes, custom-mades for heroes, boost masters, gold, keys.

4- Medals: are acquired by sending out or obtaining them from buddies and also used as rubies to get heroes, secrets, and so on

. Topaz: are difficult to obtain and made use of in the store to buy heroes or special objects.

6- The message tray: where you receive all the items, heroes, keys, rubies as well as gold of the various occasions that complete. The conversation and also the alternatives to modify or change the various resolutions.

7- Masters: Is a passive ability tree that enhances your team.

8- Different options to discover a little bit much more about the video game and the characters, along with the current news and also updates that we provide.

9- The table of state where we discover the important things that we still need to do and also the schedules of the various short-term occasions.

10- Heroes: right here we find the different heroes that we own as well as it is where we could interact with the various alternatives that provides us to boost them.

11- Missions: the daily, weekly and monthly missions are discovered, along with various other goals for eliminating x-monsters, etc.

12- Social: in this section we can invite buddies as well as send out medals to our pals.

13- Clan: provides a private conversation only read by clan members, along with events and goals to do with clan participants to obtain various things and heroes.

14- Store of conjurations: right here we could conjure up heroes and items with rubies and also medals.

15- Shop: In it we can utilize our rubies, topaz as well as different coins that we get in the game to obtain heroes, items, gold, etc. It is likewise the area to get custom-mades and also spend our actual cash.

16- Fight: this is focused in different occasions to execute with your clan, furthermore is the pvp zone of the game (clan war, castle take, etc.) 17- Experience: this is where the video game’s background is completed,

We urge you to try it out if just what you are seeking is a game in which to have hours of entertainment. Undoubtedly there are still several things ahead to this “Seven Knights” that augur excellent future and success among Android gamers – iOS.